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  外资多元化工业集团(乙方)招聘1名资深SAP PM模块顾问
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外资多元化工业集团(乙方)招聘1名资深SAP PM模块顾问
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职位名称:Senior SAP PM/PP Consultant
职位地点:南京 or 江门

Education and Experience

1.       Minimum Bachelor degree

2.       Minimum 4 years experience or 2 cycles of SAP consultancy and project implementation

3.       Strong experience on SAP PM module and configuration skills

4.       Experience on cross module integration and SAP support

5.       Problem solving skills, customer focus and ability to think globally across key process areas

6.       Has industry specific knowledge in manufacturing, chemical etc.

Specific Knowledge/Skills

1.         Fluent in English and good communication skills

2.         Good sense of Logical

3.         Be willing to travel

Area of Responsibility

1.         Act as a SAP functional module expert for PM as part of an integrated business solution to support all RGE BUs in greater China including China mainland, Hong Kong and Macau

2.         Responsible for the delivery of the SAP enhancement and rollout projects

3.         Analyze change requests and provide solutions

4.         Resolve production problems and incidents

5.         Take a constant focus on correct and optimal use of the SAP system

6.         Develop project documentation and provide the training to business users

7.         Assist in designing interface solutions between SAP R/3 and 3rd party system

8.         Parti***te in global improvement and process redesign projects

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